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Comments + Reviews

Lindsay Norville is a writer of immense talent and sensitivity. Nothing she ever accomplishes will surprise me in the least.  I still recall the first story of hers I ever read, and I’ve read thousands upon thousands of them.  She’s the real thing.
— Steve Yarbrough, author of Safe from the Neighbors (Knopf 2010), award winning novelist and short fiction writer, Professor at Emerson College

The work [Lindsay] produced is among the best I have seen from an undergraduate in my twelve years teaching at Emerson. She not only demonstrated a command of the fundamentals of short story writing and an engaging voice, but she also showed a willingness to take on emotionally difficult subjects in a realistic vein, and she did so with both subtlety and sensitivity. I was very impressed with the stories she completed.
— Ben Brooks, Writer-in-Residence at Emerson College, novelist, recipient of awards for fiction and nonfiction

Everybody in Indie’s world is redeemable, a generosity that keeps the book a warm memory for the reader. The comic gift is everywhere evident in the book: the dialogue, Indie’s distinctive voice, the wacky traumas of broken romances, unwanted pregnancy, car accident, infidelity, divorce, fire and deluge. But it is a comedy with depth, the pain real if never totally destructive. Also one wants to be sure to say that the matter of race is very deftly handled, never off stage really but also never acid.
— Eugene Garber, author of O AMAZONAS ESCURO

The characters in Cracked Up are remarkably familiar and yet intrinsically unique, thanks to Lindsay Norville’s incredible ability to write in a way that is relatable, but entirely her own. Indie reflects a little part that all of us can recognize in their 13-year-old selves, but with an attitude and brutal honesty that will simultaneously make us laugh about it, but also probably cry a little too.
— Marisa LaFleur, contributor to Emerson’s Gangsters in Concrete

There are times when I recall a story about a friend only to realize it’s from Lindsay Norville’s Cracked Up. Norville writes Indie Phillips and the rest of the Phillips bunch real and familiar, making sure they stick with you long after you’ve closed the book.
— Adriana Marroquin, contributor to the Emerson Review and MA candidate in library sciences